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Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Buyer Agent

1. Experience

  • How long have you been selling residential real estate?
  • How many buyer transactions have you closed in the past 2 years?
  • What was the ratio of buyers versus sellers (do you specialize in one or the other or both)?

2. Education

  • What is your educational background? Do you have any formal education in finance, business or real estate?
  • What continuing education have you done in addition to your license?

3. Financial Knowledge

  • What training have you had in valuing homes to assist me in determining what price to offer on a home I want?
  • Will you provide a detailed breakdown of my buying costs, estimated monthly payment and the cash I need to close so that I can accurately financially plan?
  • How accurate are your estimates for closing costs? Do you review this regularly to make sure appraisal, inspection, HOA costs are accurate (comparing actual closing statements to your estimates)?

4. Market Knowledge

  • Do you regularly tour new construction and resale listings? Do you regularly tour new construction and resale listings?
  • Your specific needs: Do you have a lot of experience in (e.g. condos, townhomes, single family homes, waterfront, beachfront, a specific geographical area, etc.)?
  • Can you help me narrow down homes that are in a specific school district or identify non-HOA communities?
  • Do you know what areas are declining, improving? Is Tampa Bay declining, stable or improving? Why?
  • How common are multiple offer situations in my price range? What is your strategy for these?

5. Availability

  • If I want to see a home ASAP due to fearing of losing it, can you accommodate that need?
  • Do you have a team of agents or a back-up agent who can help me if you already have appts. that day? How does that work?
  • Is there always someone I can get a hold of for questions as well, if you’re not available?
  • Will my needs be met if you go on vacation? What is your procedure for that?

6. Help with Understanding the Buying Process

  • Do you have an outline of your process for buying a home so that I can understand how it works?
  • Who will help me track any deadlines I have and also explain what my responsibilities and action items are?

7. New Construction

  • How many new construction homes have you sold?
  • Do you regularly tour new construction neighborhoods?
  • What services do you provide for your clients?
    1. Do you attend design/architect and finish selection appts.?
    2. Do you attend new construction inspections? If so, what inspections were they?
    3. Do you attend the builder orientation appt. and final walk-through?
    4. Do you attend the closing?  Do builders discount their home prices?
  • What incentives have you been able to negotiate for your clients?
  • What issues have come up and how did you resolve those to the benefit of your clients?
  • What happens if the home is not built to the specs we agreed to?


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