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Pre-listing Preparation

  • Seller Market Snapshot – We get you up-to-speed quickly on your neighborhood market with our custom report showing key information appraisers/buyers consider important. Download a sample of this client favorite.
  • Seller Estimated Cost Sheet – Accurate/detailed estimate, including your Net Sales Proceeds.
  • Low cost/high Return Recommended Improvements – We know what works, sometimes for just a few hundred dollars.
  • Recommended Contractors and Custom Repairs List – Reasonable/reliable contractors & a detailed repair list to hand to your contractor. Our clients love this.
  • Photo Shoot Checklist – Short, sweet and easy! We arrive before your photo shoot appt. for last-minute touches so your photos are the BEST on the market.
  • FREE CONSULTATION – Call us at 813.693.1003 to schedule a free consultation where we will tour your home and provide recommendations on preparing your home for sale.

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