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  • We Generate More Showings – Social media, 300+ websites, open houses, more! Maximum showings increases odds of finding the PERFECT buyer who will pay the most for your home.
  • Upscale Marketing – Perception=Reality (and $$). Posturing your home in an upscale light (even in moderate price points) draws more showings/higher offers.
  • Our Listing Descriptions are Key – Many agents skip the opportunity to create that emotional experience. Our goal: Generate the most showings & educate buyer agents/appraisers on the unique details of your home.
  • Vetted Professional Photography – We’ve all seen TERRIBLE photos in home listings. We are picky. Our PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS have been vetted with our high standards of lighting, editing, composition & more.
  • Pricing Your Home is Key – Using data from past appraisals and meeting approx. 200+ appraisers, we create a detailed Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) very similar to a formal appraisal. We have data to estimate the value of special upgrades such as solar panels, outdoor kitchens, custom pools & more. We are ready to defend your value.

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