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Our Selling Process

Selling a home can seem like a huge project but it doesn’t have to be. With a structured plan in place and resources and support from pre-listing preparation to post-closing, our clients find that it is so much easier than they ever imagined. A pleasant surprise which helps them focus their time on their future.

Don’t risk your future plans by listing with the wrong agent. We’ve done this hundreds of times with great success. Don’t take our word for it. Check out our testimonials.


  • Live Accessible Staff (Phone, Email & text)
  • Organized Process
  • Track Record – 400+ Sales
  • Higher Prices than most Realtors®
  • Customized Marketing
  • Expert Financial Guidance
  • Selling & Buying at the same time? We’ve got this.
  • Add’l Client Benefits



Pre-listing Preparation


  • Seller Market Snapshot – We get you up-to-speed quickly on your neighborhood market with our custom report showing key information appraisers/buyers consider important. Download a sample of this client favorite.
  • Seller Estimated Cost Sheet – Accurate/detailed estimate, including your Net Sales Proceeds.
  • Low cost/high Return Recommended Improvements – We know what works, sometimes for just a few hundred dollars.
  • Recommended Contractors and Custom Repairs List – Reasonable/reliable contractors & a detailed repair list to hand to your contractor. Our clients love this.
  • Photo Shoot Checklist – Short, sweet and easy! We arrive before your photo shoot appt. for last-minute touches so your photos are the BEST on the market.
  • FREE CONSULTATION – Call us at 813.693.1003 to schedule a free consultation where we will tour your home and provide recommendations on preparing your home for sale.




  • We Generate More Showings – Social media, 300+ websites, open houses, more! Maximum showings increases odds of finding the PERFECT buyer who will pay the most for your home.
  • Upscale Marketing – Perception=Reality (and $$). Posturing your home in an upscale light (even in moderate price points) draws more showings/higher offers.
  • Our Listing Descriptions are Key – Many agents skip the opportunity to create that emotional experience. Our goal: Generate the most showings & educate buyer agents/appraisers on the unique details of your home.
  • Vetted Professional Photography – We’ve all seen TERRIBLE photos in home listings. We are picky. Our PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS have been vetted with our high standards of lighting, editing, composition & more.
  • Pricing Your Home is Key – Using data from past appraisals and meeting approx. 200+ appraisers, we create a detailed Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) very similar to a formal appraisal. We have data to estimate the value of special upgrades such as solar panels, outdoor kitchens, custom pools & more. We are ready to defend your value.




  • Careful Review of Offer Documents – This is critical. These are legal obligations. We have hundreds of hours of experience and education in reviewing contracts. We also have excellent recommended real estate attorneys, if desired/needed.
  • Offer Summary – One pager of key elements of your offers along with our recommendations allows you to make an educated decision.
  • Market Knowledge – Knowing what sellers and buyers are doing in the market is key to our recommendations.
  • We vet buyers with loan officers – Our goal, closing on time with no buyer financing issues.
  • Seller Estimated Cost Sheet – Updated version with all factors of the offer for an accurate Net Sales Proceeds number.




  • Dedicated, Experienced Closing Coordinator – To assists you and your agent in tracking important contract deadlines, coordinating inspections, appraisal, signature of contract addendums, survey, title work, closing appt. and more.
  • 1031 Exchanges – We are experienced with 1031 exchanges and we have excellent resources to manage your 1031 exchange if needed.




  • Reminders for post-closing items.
  • We are here for you after your home purchase for upgrade advice (e.g. Pools, home additions, bathrooms/kitchens), market updates, updated home values, recommended contractors and more. We want to bring our clients value for years to come.

Are you a planner? We are, too! Request a free copy of our detailed Listing Process Checklist so you can start preparing for your home sale.

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