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Our 40+ Years of Experience Counts

We have 40+ years of combined experience in real estate and, we have sold over 330 homes, totaling over $90M in sales.  This experience has and continues to provide a significant advantage for our clients.

On average, approximately 50% of our business has been from home buyers and 50% has been from home sellers (listings), so, we are well-versed in what both buyers and sellers are doing and thinking.

A great agent utilizes the most accurate market data and has years of experience in negotiation of contract terms, inspection issues and appraisal issues.  Would you risk your health by hiring a surgeon who hasn’t performed at least 100+ surgeries?  Don’t put your financial health at risk by choosing a less-experienced agent!

Before you choose an agent, we highly recommend you check out our article on Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Buyer Agent.

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