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Financial Analysis

We spend a lot of time preparing professional financial analysis, including but not limited to:

  • Estimated Value of the Home You’re Considering – Estimating a home’s value is one of the most important things an agent provides to their home-buying clients.
  • Estimated Monthly Mortgage Payment – This includes principal, interest, real estate taxes, insurance, Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI), HOA fees, CDD fees (call us for detailed information on CDD fees and what they cover), condo fees and monthly maintenance fees.
  • Estimated Closing Costs – We provide a detailed list of items including but not limited to appraisal fees, inspection fees, survey costs, HOA capital contributions, estimated real estate taxes, homeowner insurance, flood elevation certificates, lender fees, prepaid real estate taxes (usually 4 months upfront) and insurance (usually 3 months of the estimated cost upfront) and much more.
  • Total Cash Needed to Close On Your Home on Closing Day – The estimated cash you will need to have available on closing day.
  • Sell-Buy Analysis – If you are purchasing after you sell your home, we present a sell-buy analysis for you so you can see the complete financial picture.

We are usually within .50% – 2.00% of our estimates, and err on the conservative side for our clients to avoid potential financial surprises.  It’s one of the largest financial purchases most people make in their lives and we want to ensure that you have a firm grasp of what it will cost to purchase a home.

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