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Important Questions to Ask a Realtor Before Selling Your Home

1. Experience & Education

  • How long have you been selling residential real estate?
  • How many homes have you sold in the past 2 years?
  • Do you have a background in finance, business or real estate?
  • What continuing education have you done in addition to your license?

2. Market Knowledge & Negotiations

  • What training have you had in valuing homes to assist me in determining the value of my home?
  • Your specific needs: Do you have a lot of experience in (e.g. condos, townhomes, single family homes, waterfront, beachfront, a specific geographical area, etc.)?
  • How common are multiple offer situations in my price range? What is your strategy for these?
  • If repairs are needed, how do you handle that?
  • If my home doesn’t appraise at purchase price, what are my options?

3. Financial Knowledge

  • Will you provide a detailed breakdown of my selling costs and estimated net proceeds I should expect at closing so that I can accurately financially plan?

4. Marketing & Showing Feedback

  • Do you have samples of your MLS listings and photos?
  • What other marketing do you do?
  • Will you regularly provide showing feedback?  How do you do this?
  • What is your strategy for pricing and price reductions?

5. Availability

  • Is there always someone I can get a hold of for questions as well, if you’re not available?
  • Will my needs be met if you go on vacation? What is your procedure for that?

6. Help with Understanding the Selling Process

  • Do you have an outline of your process for selling a home so that I can understand how it works?
  • Who will help me track any deadlines I have and also explain what my responsibilities and action items are?

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